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The Cosmic Machine: The Science That Runs Our Universe and the Story Behind It

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The Cosmic Machine Has Been Submitted for The AIP Science Communication Book Award

Amazon #1 Bestseller & New Release!

Note to educators & libraries: As part of Zoari Press' commitment to better science communication & education, we encourage educators, schools, universities, colleges, and libraries to learn more about using The Cosmic Machine as an engaging source to supplemental standard classroom texts. Contact us directly for an evaluation copy & potential discount opportunities.

"The Cosmic Machine is an excellent resource, one that should find a home on a teacher's reference shelf. Regardless of your background, knowing the players, where they fit in the continuum of history, and what they contributed to the evolution of our scientific knowledge will assist you in explaining these ideas to your students."–Lyle Sadavoy, Chem 13 News

"Not only did I thoroughly enjoy The Cosmic Machine, but now my students have taken to reading it and loving it!" –Ryan M. Johnson, Teacher

Note to students: If you're taking an overview of physics class (e.g., "Ideas of Physics" or "Concepts in Physics") or science history class, consider supplementing your primary text with the The Cosmic Machine. Contact us to learn more and possibly qualify for a free copy. 

"I only wish The Cosmic Machine were published when I attended college." –acolby, Amazon Reviewer