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Zoari Press and ERC Media have agreed on publication rights for the Simplified Chinese version of The Cosmic Machine


Editorial Reviews for The Cosmic Machine

“… it's very useful to have a unified overview of what we know, collected and recounted in one place. The Cosmic Machine will introduce you to the basic principles by which today's physicists organize the world." –Sean Carroll, author of The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself

“A superb resource for science fans or those struggling to understand the subject; an impressive fit in an age of Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson web videos.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Injecting the 'popular' back into science is no light task and involves a balance between keeping the science accessible to lay readers, making it interesting enough to engage non-scientists, and being certain it's accurate enough to be authoritative. Of all these tasks, the 'lively' portion is the biggest challenge, and where competing books often fall short. The Cosmic Machine succeeds on all accounts.” D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“… kudos to Bembenek for taking an entirely mathematical concept and making it readable,
comprehensible and interesting….” –Lyle Sadavoy, Chem 13 News

“I wanted to start by saying that I really enjoyed this book. … at all times [the] writing was clear, well paced and easy to follow …. I started to discover that I was taking something unexpected from the book. I stopped focusing on the individual steps and, instead, started to see a ‘story’ behind the story. I found this enlightening.” –Gary Smailes, Founder and Editor at BubbleCow

"The Cosmic Machine is a wonderful way to introduce an intellectually curious person to how physics and chemistry have evolved and how they contribute to our understanding of the Universe." –Jim Stein, New Books Network

"The Cosmic Machine ... makes for a powerful read." –Don Lehn, Fraser Valley News

Reader Reviews for The Cosmic Machine

The Cosmic Machine very much accomplishes [its] mission: spark an interest in science via a captivating story as it relates to physics and chemistry. Although I'm already quite familiar with most of the topics described in this book, I was enthralled by the engaging presentation, style, and weave of the story.” –Patricia W.

“Dr. Bembenek has done an exceptional job of portraying the back and forth nature of scientific discovery, as different researchers confirm, expand, or try to refute​ the works of others in their field. Overall an enjoyable read ….” –Becky N.

“While many physics books can be loaded with jargon and beyond the grasp of the non-physicist, The Cosmic Machine adeptly and deftly explains the methods behind the development of physics.” –Eric W.

Bembenek does a good job of staying within the bounds of appealing to avid science readers while keeping the concepts palatable for the newbie.” –Nick E.

“Bembenek makes the confusing and complicated understandable.” –Sam S.

“This book was the first that actually did explain [the science] in a way that I understand, and I felt it really did open up a … significant world to me.” –Feroz K.

For anyone who has a love for science and history, this book is a must read. Dr. Bembenek, however, does a phenomenal job of not only simplifying these complex topics but keeping the reader engaged at all times during this journey across time.” –Bita N.

Just Awesome!!!” –Hirdesh

Thoroughly engaging.” –Mark

I highly recommend this book ….” –Sergey B.

The Cosmic Machine does a wonderful job of drawing the reader in ….” –Steve P.

… a great read for both scientists and non-scientists.” –Frank A.

This book might just inspire a new generation of scientists, professors, and problem solvers.” –Sheldon S.

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The Cosmic Machine Has Been Submitted for The American Institute of Physics Book Award

The Cosmic Machine Has Been Submitted for The Phi Beta Kappa Society Book Award

The Cosmic Machine Has Been Submitted for The National Academy of Sciences Book Award

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